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What Dentists Can Do

Hometown Smiles will work with dentists to clearly define expectations for what they can do, including one or more of the following:

Do comprehensive and periodic exams in the schools. 

Participating doctors will come to the schools and do what they do every day. Read x-rays. Look in mouths. Identify what their patients need to be healthy. Once exams are completed, dentists will recommend treatment and patients will be referred to partnering dental offices.  


Once treatment needs are identified, treat students in your offices. 

Once referred to your office, you can screen the recommended treatment plan and decide if you are comfortable seeing them in your office. If a patient has extensive needs, they will be referred to a pediatric dentist. In short, you can decide what care you provide to which students.


Take kids referred by the schools for emergency needs. 

On an ongoing basis, schools will refer any kids that have emergency needs to the offices of participating dentists.


Help assure that any kid in your community who needs dental care gets it.

By committing to the Hometown Smiles initiative, you can help solve the dental access issue one community at a time. There’s no reason students should have teeth rotting in their mouth. You can do something about it.  

Help assure that any kid in your community who needs dental care gets it. Contact us to participate.
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