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How Hometown Smiles Works for Schools

For schools interested in partnering with Hometown Smiles, here’s how it works:

Identify a staff person to be your office lead for the Hometown Smiles initiative.

An essential piece of the Hometown Smiles initiative is to build strong relationships between schools and local dental offices. Each office and each school will have a lead contact person to assure a strong and smooth partnership.


Work with Hometown Smiles staff to enroll any students participating in a dental prevention program in Hometown Smiles.

Students participating in a dental prevention program at school will be offered care through Hometown Smiles. 


Coordinate with Hometown Smiles staff to schedule dates, locations, and process for doing exams of students.

The first step in getting students care is providing comprehensive exams and x-rays at school. Hometown Smiles staff will be responsible for setting up and breaking down equipment, sanitizing and cleaning before and after visits, and ferrying kids to and from in-school exams. Every school is unique, and prior to any school visits, protocols and processes will be worked out with school leaders to assure the least intrusion possible to student learning.


Develop a referral process for getting kids to their adopted dentists.

Once treatment needs are identified, Hometown Smiles staff will help get treatment plans, consents, and scheduling assistance to all parents or guardians. The goal is to make the process as easy as possible for school staff and families.  


Build Lasting Relationships.

Any Wisconsin community participating in the Hometown Smile initiative will be working to guarantee that any kid who needs care gets it. Once in place, Hometown Smiles will work to nurture and maintain strong relationships to assure a lasting impact on the lives of our children. 

Help assure that any kid in your community who needs dental care gets it. Contact us to participate.
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